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About us

Petrotech Pharma Chemical Industries Co. was founded in 2006 as a knowledge – based company with the aim of producing DL-Methionine (amino acid). Technology and knowhow of Methionine production was formulated in the company during 2007 to 2010 and construction of Methionine production plant was begun on the Shazand region in an area about 14 hectares adjacent to Imam Khomeini Refinery. This project is one of the petrochemical downstream industries in which Methionine is synthesized using raw materials like methane, propylene, ammonia, glycerol, hydrogen sulfide, etc.

The Methionine production technology which is compiled by domestic resources of our company, at now is exclusively in the possession of only seven companies:  Degussa-evonik (Germany), Adisseo-Bluestar (France), Novus (USA), Sumitomo (Japan), Orgsynthese (Russia), NUTM (China) and CJ (Korea). The technology of Methionine production is complicated and entirely exclusive and its license is not salable.

The company as a performer of the Methionine producing project is located in science and technology park of Markazi Province and performs 4 plants to produce the related raw material and final product including:

Plant of producing Acrolein with the capacity of 6000 tons per year

Plant of producing Methyl mercaptan  with the capacity of 6000 tons per year

Plant of producing Sodium cyanide  with the capacity of 6000 tons per year

Plant of producing DL-Methionine with capacity of 10,000 tons per year

This project is evaluated as a national project which was proudly chosen as a superior project in the “Knowledge to act” festival in 2011.

The company has been succeeded to codify the technical knowledge and produce the amino acid with the cooperation of universities and experts in oil and gas industries and now it’s ready with the capacity of 10.000 tons per year to cover the needs of the country and job creation for about 150 persons directly and 1000 persons indirectly. Also we wish to have a significant export to other countries by increasing the capacity, with the hope of cooperation of related authorities.


World market

At the moment the world’s market demand of Methionine is about 1,250,000 tons and the amount of total production is 950,000 tons (which is 300,000 tons less than the demand). The yearly rate of growth is about 8%.By considering that there is not any alternative for this product.

Local market

According to the imports reports from country customs, the amount of imported Methionine to our country has been about 10,000 t/y .In order to provide this requirement and by considering growing consumption of this amino acid in the industry of breeding livestock and industrial aquatics, this amount of production is insufficient and needs to be increased.

The national project of Methionine production, in addition to its specific position of technology and technical knowhow has an economical and exclusive value in the world. Regard to low production capacity in comparison with the world’s demand, there is usually, a gap between consumption and production which cannot be covered because of its complexity in chemical synthesis technology.

Environmental assessment

By considering the risk of production process and related environmental challenges and also the span of the project, the environmental assessment was drafted and is approved by supreme council of the environment and earned the related license.